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This is a fanfic in the Potterverse. The author is feyandstrange. The author is shockingly ignorant of fanfic ways, and as such there are not warning labels and descriptive tags. It is not intended as pornography or erotica, but teenagers do get up to things. I believe it to be age-appropriate, although it runs a bit darker and more cynical in Slytherin.

No copyright infringement is intended; this is for amusement only. Do not repost. Do not eat.

This is a work in progress of novels paralleling the Rowling novels, focusing on original characters in the Hogwarts year after Harry Potter, and viewing the great events of those years from a very different standpoint (not just because they're in Slytherin, either). As of this writing, novels 1 and 2 complete and 3 is being posted. (More than that has been written already.) It is canon up to HBP with a tiny bit of movie contamination, and leans heavily on the The Harry Potter Lexicon for research. (It is mostly canonical after that, although anything Rowling adds in interviews and such after the books are printed I am ignoring in favor of just getting this thing finished.) Everything else is a product of my imagination, or possibly borrowed from the lovely ladies at descensus_hp or from coyotegoth, who also make the fanfic magic happen.

The fiction is being posted as backdated entries in chronological order, which will not show up on friends-lists, but I also post non-backdated brief notes to let people know when a new chapter goes up, so it's somewhat useful to friend this account. Posting rate is erratic but fairly frequent. For new readers, I suggest the Calendar, head for 1992, August, and read in order.
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